Jiahe Decoration Group Case Study

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Jiahe Decoration Group is one of the 10 Chinese decoration brands, which offers the customers the services of decorating their houses. It was established in 1996 in Wuhan. In the past 19 years, this group becomes more powerful because of its services. It is because the group not only provides the hard decoration, but also the soft decoration to the customers. It is the first to force in residential decoration market specializing in design, construction and service in one of the professional brand decoration company. In 2009, Jiahe Decoration Group ranked the fourth in the whole China decoration industry.

 Services
Jiahe Decoration Group is a company which provides the one-stop services of decoration. The main services of the one-stop services
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After customer finish the booking, the customer service staff will contact the customer as soon as possible to ask for more details. Customer who has already been served by the company can leave their advice and evaluate to help Jiahe improve the service. Jiahe also got after-sales service to help those customer who meet the problems, the customer service staff will service the customer to know the problem. The after-sales repair manager will then arrange the serviceman to contact with the customer and solve the problem. After finish the service, customer can sign if the service is effective.

 Scale of operation
Jiahe Decoration Group is a large company in Wuhan, Hubei. It was established in Wuhan in 1996. In the past 19 years, it comes more powerful and there are many branch company in Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou, training and have a large number of professional designer, more than 3000 designer and 20000 construction professionals to serve the customer around the whole country. Since the company established in 1996, two stores will set up every year, and thousands of family in Wuhan have been created a pleasant home. At present, the company headquarters now has nine big business square and 10 boutique design studio.

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This process can help the company to find the best supplier which can give the most reasonable price and the greatest quality goods to the company. So, the whole process of procurement bid should be done very seriously.
Procurement Bid process starts from the procurement center of the company. Firstly, the procurement center will establish bidding documents. After that, the departments which are in demand will judge the documents and then confirm the bidding documents. Procurement center will send invitation about the bid to bidders. Later on, the bidders will receive the invitation and sign up for bid.
Procurement center will issue the bidding documents, and then investigate the bidders, convoke the question and answer meeting and modify the bidding documents at the same time. After these steps, the bidders need to hand over the deposit and the bid evaluation committee will organize bid evaluation meeting and start bidding and evaluating. If the bidder fails the bid, the department in demand needs to judge the documents from the first place. If the bidder passes the bid, the bid evaluation committee will recommend the bidder to the procurement center and the procurement center will release the bid

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