Jihad Dbq

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With the break out of World War I in Europe, the Sheikh-ul-Islam declared a Jihad against the following countries; Britain, France, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro.1 The call for Jihad was directed to all Muslims around the world to stand up against their Christian temporal rulers.2 In 1914, there were 270 million Muslims around the world with only 30 million being governed by Muslims and the rest governed by other predominantly Christian nations.3 Even with the threat of “the fire of hell”, the call for Jihad was not as successful as expected. Strachan writes, “Islam was universal in its appeal, while nationalism was particular.”.4 Muslims remained divided and did not fall under one calling for Jihad and many remained loyal to their temporal rulers.…show more content…
The battle at Gallipoli only occurred due to Russia reaching out to their British allies to attack the Turks at this location to relieve the pressure on Russia from the Turks at the battle of Sarikamish.5 The British were hesitant to comment to such an operation to their army already being spread thin, but also saw a potential for opening supply lines to Russia, which they may provide valuable arms to Russia and end the war faster.6 Britain also believed that if victory occurred at Gallipoli, Greece may side with the Entente powers and their army could be used against the Turks.7 The British and their subjects would be defeated at the battle of Gallipoli and the Turks would claim victory. Even after being defeated, Australians and New Zealand soldiers helped establish their respected country’s national identity with their determination.8 The Turks also established their national identity and began to separate themselves from the Ottoman Empire that they fought for.9 This victory would later help the Turks establish their own state of Turkey and help the collapse of the Ottoman
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