Jihad In Islam: The Wars Of Islam

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Contrary to Maududi and Qutb’s views, Atkinson (2002) held the view that the Arabic word jihad appears in chapter 29 verse 69 of the Qur’an and the word strive has been used in its translation into English. The word jihad is a relatively short word but it has huge implications within Islamic society as a whole and especially for the daily life of the individual Muslim. Jihad. Jihad, as ordained by Islam, does not consist of killing and being killed but in striving hard to win the pleasure of Allah. Individually and collectively, jihad is essential for the advancement of the souls. The primary objectives of the wars of Islam were to establish freedom of belief and worship and to fight in defence of hounor and freedom against unprovoked attacks and this will always be the case. Unfortunately, most of the spiritual and temporal leaders have misled their own people and brought wholesale corruption of body, mind and soul. In this age, some young Muslim men and women have been foolishly brainwashed into believing their acts of barbarism, terrorism, suicide and murder will gain them martyrdom. The words, ‘kill not yourselves’, prohibit and outlaw acts of suicide. On the other hand, is the murder of innocent people such a meritorious act that will gain a Muslim entry to paradise? Far from it, it is an open door to the Fire of Hell. It is more painful to witness the actions of the so called Muslims who declare Jihad against anyone who does not agree with their interpretation of the

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