Jillian Assisted Suicide Case Study

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Per Reporter: Jackson is running up and down the stair looking for his father (unknown). Jackson is beating on the neighbor door and asking "have you seen my daddy?" Jackson 's father does not live in the state of Mississippi. Jackson 's mother (Jilian) is on crystal meth and any others types of drugs she can get. Jilian does drugs in the home. Hayden told the reporter and two police officer about mom drugs used.Jilian smokes crystal meth in the car with Jackson and his brother (Hayden). Jilian told Hayden to drive home because she was high. The children have access to the drugs. The drugs are not being sold in the home. The drugs are not being manufactured in the home. Jilian hallucinate. Jilian had Jackson in the wood for about five to six hours at night walking through the…show more content…
Jackon was all scratch up. Last week Jackson had to airlift to the hospital for an overdose of Adderall. It is unknown who give Jackson the Adderall. It is unknown what hospital Jackson was taken too. Jackson is no longer in the hospital. Jilian beat up her mother (unknown) up. Jilian beat the mother in a head about three weeks ago. The mother had the knot in her head. The police were called to the home. Jilian was not arrested, she was taking to CMRC and was later released on Thursday. The reporter provided limited information because she stated that: 'She has already provided this information to the hotline. "The reporter wants someone to gets Jackson from the mom. Jilian cussed people out and got into a cussed match with the neighbor. The police were called on 11-16-17. On 11-16-17, Jilian refused to sign a form for bedbug, because the next door neighbor has bed bug. Jilian was high today (11-16-17) and might be high tonight. The home has lights, gas, and water. The home
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