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In the case of Jillian is appears that she is exhibiting sign of eating disorder. She is underweight for her height, not eating regularly, and exercising excessively. As the her mental health professional I would ask Jillian the following questions What are your thoughts in regard to body image? Considering you are single, what supports are available to you? With your work, are there any pressures about appearance? How does your family view success and what are their thoughts about body image? Are there any connections between spirituality and health? How do you feel after completing your exercise routine? Can you give me a detailed account of what a typical day looks like and what you usually eat throughout the day? Jillian is experiencing sign of substance abuse drinking heavily on weekends; this behavior may be an outlet for the added pressures of works. Individuals with eating disorders indulged in substance abuse in an attempt to regulate impulsive behavior (Meyer, Blissett, Alberry & Sykes, 2012).. Jillian's alcohol abuse and weekend…show more content…
However for some individuals never acquire the body image they desire, this can lead to low body esteem. Having low body esteem puts women at risk for psychological disorders and may help explain Jillian’s excessive exercising (Vinkers, Evers,Adriaanse, de Ridder, 2012). . Jillian exercises six days a week for two hours, this excessive behavior can be attributed to body appearance. Considering she does not eat a balanced meal and drinks excessively we can concluded her exercising is not health motivated. Jillian’s excessive exercise appears to appearance motivated. The motive to change her body appearance can be linked to appearance motivated exercise which can lead to disturbed eating patterns ( Vinkers et al., 2012). Low body image and having negative feelings about one’s self can lead to a myriad of psychological

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