Jim And Huckleberry Finn's Relationship

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essay Examine the significance of Jim and Huck’s relationship. Is Jim a father figure to Huck? In the book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, the main character, Huck, is a 13-14 year old boy. This book is set before the Civil War; roughly 1835–1845; Twain said the novel was set forty to fifty years before the time of its publication. In the beginning of the book, the place is set in The Mississippi River town of St. Petersburg, Missouri and various locations along the river through Arkansas. In his book, Huck is kidnapped by his abusive father, Pap. Later, Pap tried to kill Huck while drunk, but it was unsuccessful. Huck escapes by faking his death; he kills a boar and smears blood everywhere to make it appear as though it was in fact his own blood. He…show more content…
Yes indeedy; naked, too. He’s ben shot in de back. i reck’n he’s ben dead two er three days. Come in, Huck, but doan’ look at his face-it’s too gashly.” (Twain.59). When Jim found a bod that is vulgar to look at, he protects Huck from looking at the body because he is just a boy and Jim knows that children should not witness these kind of foul things in life. This also shows that Jim is a father figure because Jim is hiding the daunting appearance of the dead body. This shows that Jim is trying not to scare Huck by showing him something “gashly.” Jim is portraying himself as a kind of father character. The book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, is an interesting and a marvelous read for anyone. As the book progresses in displaying the runaway slave’s and the white boy’s relationship, it also gives of the impression of Jim as a father kind of figure for Huck. Because of his hard and abusive childhood created by his father, Pap, Huck never really grasped the idea or the feeling of having a caring and protective father. So Jim took on the role of father for Huck. I think Huck really appreciates Jim and what he has done for

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