Jim Braddock Character Analysis

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Jim Braddock is a young boxer during the time who is just beginning his career. He is very good and hasn’t lost a single game yet. Jim Braddock is trying to make enough money by boxing for his family including his wife Mae and his three kids. Though as the great depression continues it gets harder for Jim to take care of his family, also during this time Jim breaks his hand in a boxing match and he is unable to continue boxing. Jim starts to try to get shifts on the dock so he can make money to pay for his heating, but because of him not being able to pay the heating bills his heating is shut off. His wife Mae makes the decision to send their kids to her sister and parents so they have a warm place to live until they can pay the bills. Jim eventually gets the money and pays that same day because he can’t live without his kids because he promised he would never send his son away.…show more content…
Jim starts boxing again and wins all of his matches and gets his title and fame back. After this he is challenged against Max Baer to become the World Heavyweight champion. Though this wasn 't just any other match because Max Baer killed two guys in the ring from hitting them so hard. Mae Jim’s wife doesn 't want Jim to do it, though Jim makes a final decision to fight Max Baer. Most people thought Jim wouldn 't last the first round, but as time went on it was almost an even fight. Though in the last round Jim is able to tie the match and was decided the winner because no one was knocked out. This helped Jim and Mae move into a nicer house, be able to pay the bills, and take care of the kids because of the money Jim
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