Jim Crow Laws Essay

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Eyes on the Prize The ultimate goal was to be treated as an equal among Caucasians. They did not want to be seen by their color, but as an equal human being. One reason this couldn’t happen is because of Jim Crow Laws. These laws made it almost impossible for African American people to be treated as an equals which isn’t right. Jim Crow Laws created a world where African American students couldn’t attend the same school as Caucasians students. African American’s could not marry Caucasians or eat in the same restaurants. They couldn’t even drink from the same water fountain. Many historical events have led to the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. One significant event was the murder of Emmett Till. Emmett Till was born on July…show more content…
Jim Crow Laws made African Americans and Caucasians “equal”, but “separate.” Jim Crow Laws did uphold to the” separate” part of the laws, but the “equal” part was not true. Racial segregation is born. Racial segregation could be found in all public establishments in the south between the years of 1877- 1960s. Jim Crow Laws allowed Caucasian owned establishments to segregate without punishment. A few examples of Jim Crow Laws are “all marriages between a white person and a negro are forever prohibited and shall be illegal and void; no colored person shall serve as a barber to white women or girls; every employer of white or negro males shall provide separate toilet facilities; it shall be unlawful to conduct a restaurant or other place for the serving of food in the city, at which white and colored people are served in the same room; and the county shall provide schools of two kinds; those for white children and those for colored children.” In most southern states the only public swimming pool was a “whites only” pool, and for this reason many African American children did not learn how to swim. Conditions within the African American establishments were much worse than in establishments for Caucasians. African Americans were given the worst jobs and the lowest
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