Jim Crow Laws Research Paper

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Most slaves lived on enormous plantations that stretched all the way across the South. Field slaves were slaves that la-bored in a little group controlled by what was called a slave driver, who was usually another slave worker. Women usually worked as cooks, maids, and nurses for both the master’s and mistress’s children. Slaves were very well known for being skilled workers, working as carpenters, blacksmiths, and coopers. The younger female slaves generally worked as babysitters for the smaller infants or just helped with small chores around the house. Slaves lived with their families in long rows of what was called slave cabins. Most had a dirt floor, one window, and only an opening of a door. Sleeping conditions in these cabins were below the average any other person would get, usually sleeping on a mattress placed on the floor in the corner of the cabin. The mattresses were made of straw, grass, and hay. The slaves had a monthly allowance of food and a yearly supply of clothing. Despite all the hardships slaves faced they…show more content…
Ferguson in 1896. The very first shot towards the regime was Brown V. Board of Education, this was a case in 1954 in which the Supreme Court ruled that school segregation went against and violated the Fourteenth Amendment. This amendment proclaimed that states had to give their citizen the “equal protection of the laws.” “Due process,” and the “privileged or immunities” of citizenship. American anti-racism measures were right because an extreme situation went on to justify them, not because they were what was considered illegible. Many modern day debates over similar situations must also revolve around whether the situation is extraordinary enough to justify them. Not really around whether they were sorely need in an entirely different context or subject of the situation in itself (Verbruggen, Robert
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