Jim Crow: Questions And Questions: Mississippi Burning

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1. What is Jim Crow? Please explain and provide specific examples from class discussions and the film Mississippi Burning.

Whites have always been superior to Blacks. The whites feared mixing of the race which is the Mongrel Race; because they were afraid the white race would be diluted. So, they did everything keep blacks at the bottom. The Southern states reacted by creating and enforcing Jim Crow laws. The Jim Crow was a system created as a segregation of colored people and white people, but mainly focusing on blacks. These laws existed because of the idea of being superior (Ferris State University, 2012). After the Jim Crow was created, it made it very challenging for blacks to participate in any activities due to the inequality and the extreme laws. In the movie “Mississippi Burning,” there were several examples of when blacks and whites were treated to be separate. For example, when the black man was eating on the table with white men, they all were staring at him. This is because blacks and white don’t eat together. Another example would be that many whites burnt down houses of blacks and their crimes were recorded, but they did not need to spend a day in court. Therefore, the court is also racist against blacks. The last example would be that officers took away American flags from blacks because they would consider them as Non- Americans during protest for freedom. In class discussions, we talked about marriages between interracial. 2. Explain why the
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