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“The rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers, and me”. Sitting on a log with a banjo, Kermit the Frog, singing the words of Jim Henson to millions of families all around the world. James Henson was a jack of all trades, being a puppeteer, cartoonist, screenwriter, actor, film director, and producer. Through his life, millions of his characters and creations, from Sam and Friends, Sesame Street, and The Muppet Show caused life to be just a bit easier for kids and families everywhere. Jim Henson dashed from one project to the next, putting love and hard work into every single one, while still putting a touch of wackiness and craziness into them all. Sam and Friends, was a local television show created by Jim Henson himself. While working on the show, Henson met his beautiful wife, Jane Nebel; him and his wife both worked on the show together while still enrolled at the University of Maryland. The characters, the people he…show more content…
A five-minute show that aired twice-daily on WRC-TV in Washington, D.C. Henson was offered this spot, and asked Jane Nebel to join him as a co-performer and creator. Jane Nebel Henson, who met Jim Henson in a puppetry class at the University of Maryland, joyously and exuberantly decided to happily ride into the sunset with Jim. In May 1959, Jim Henson married Jane Nebel. With both their love of puppets, they were truly a match made in heaven for this loving and amusing television show. Sam and Friends was an early showcase of Jim Henson 's puppeteering talent. Although the television show wasn 't very long, lasting only five-minutes, it aired twice a day. Consisting of the puppet characters lip-synching to records, songs or comedy routines. Henson who experimented with character voices while working on Sam and Friends and even came up with and had the famous, Kermit the Frog, first appear. The many characters from this show, all had their moment in the sun, as the show grew

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