Jim Henson's Nostalgic 1982 Film The Dark Crystal

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Throughout my childhood, classical fairytales always had the strangest realities, as the writer’s dreamscape is painted onto the big screen, which fascinated me. These mysterious worlds were created directly from pure imagination and creativity. Jim Henson’s nostalgic 1982 film the “Dark Crystal” contained a world full of magical, surreal vibes which, came to life by the use of animatronics, breaking the standards of film while simultaneously creating new ones. Watching this film as a child none of the themes related more to me than the whimsical beauty and the idea of good and evil of the fairytale. As I got older, I began to gain a deeper understanding of the movie. I watched it repeatedly, realizing my brain kept bypassing information I wasn't able to comprehend at a…show more content…
Soon, I imagined how would i bring my work to life, so my ideas no longer lived two dimensionally in paper, I began to transform my ideas and elevate to mind of photographer or film-maker. As time went by, each day when a concept came to mind, I thought to myself how my work would be expressed visually through emotions of a human vessel. I incorporated manly African American girls in my work to play the part of the vessel. I constantly felt the urge, to base my work controversial social issues, such as challenging the definition of beauty. To gather these girls to take frames of them in their natural state of beauty and comfortably knowing that they themselves are beautiful no matter what others see. I have grown to believe that beauty can not be limited to one definition, but it’s a concept which manifests all over the world, inspiring me to share my perspective every day, Along with this, it has led me to continue exploring more themes and concepts to incorporate in my
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