Jim Jones And The People's Temple Essay

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Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple Cult “Jim Jones of the Peoples’s Temple began as a sound, fairly mainstream Christian minister” (Sects, ‘Cults’ & Alternative Religions). Before all the madness Jones seemed like a caring person, that wanted to bring peace to a town he made, Jonestown. Instead it turned into something more horrific. Jim Jones was the manipulative mastermind behind the traumatic events that happened in Jonestown, Guyana, this essay will discuss interviews by people who are survivors of the mass suicide, and dive into the crazy conspiracies that have emerged, and finally conclude with the death of the Peoples Temple. Jonestown created physical and mental scars on the minds and bodies of the survivors. Not many people survived, they were very lucky to escape the cult. During the mass suicide, some survivors ran into the jungle away from the cool-aid mass suicide. Those survivors talk about their mental, emotional scars in various interviews. "In terms of physical scars, mine were quite minimal," Reiterman said. "In terms of emotional scars, I think we all, to some degree, have them. However I was fortunate in that I was a journalist, and I spent a number of years trying to understand what drove the final outcome of Peoples…show more content…
Mass suicide was the horrific finale of the Peoples Temple in Jonestown. Jim Jones always made a type of dress rehearsal for whenever the time came to produce the mass suicide. No one ever knew whether, it was the real-deal, or if it was just another rehearsal directed by Jim Jones. “ ‘This punch is going to be passed out to everyone here,’ we all drank our punch and then he said, ‘You just drank poison and we’re all going to die in this church right here, as one’ the women were just screaming and others just sat there.” “And all the sudden Jim says, ‘That wasn’t poison you drank’.” (“Jonestown”). Jim had everyone wrapped around his finger, the ones that weren’t, were afraid to speak up, which, eventually, led to their own
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