Jim Jones Research Paper

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Latia Andrade Ms spence Cp senior LA 1 February Jim Jones was a notorious cult leader. Did you know Jim Jones was known as the best cult leader of The Peoples Temples (Biography)? Jim was born May 13, 1931. He was the founder of the Peoples Temple, which became synonymous with group suicide by poison (Blanco). He had a very unstable childhood; which lead him down to and a drugs and soon the cause of many deaths. Jim jones had a very unstable childhood; but as a young child, Jones became a regular churchgoer(Britannica). “I was considered the trash of the neighborhood” (Biograph). He also called himself an underdog because he was fighting off kids that bullied him. He was an easy target because he disliked typical teenage boy activities like playing sports. Jims father was a veteran of the great war. His dad was emotionally absent and his mom was the provider…show more content…
The mass suicide is known as the James Town Massacre. The suicide happened in Guyana (Biography). this was the new home for his followers, where they worked long and hard hours to make a home. The conditions were horrible. It was very overcrowded and they received there were armed guards all around the perimeter. " Fearful of a plot against him, he started conducting suicide drills” (Biography). He called this a revolutionary suicide. The members received a mixture of cyanide and Valium into a powered drunk that one was made into a red punch. The first to did was children and those who didn't want to drink the drink was forced by armed guards. About 276 children died on November 28,1978. Jim did not drink the punch he surrendered and received a gunshot to his head it was unknown if how shot himself or not. Jim group up around the church. His childhood was very unstable; which may be the cause of why his adult years was unstable as well. Drugs made his situation when worse and increased his paranoia which caused him to lead about 900 people to their
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