Jim Killer, Miller: An Old West Legend

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Jim “Killer” Miller: An Old West Legend

James Brown Miller, more popularly known as Jim “Killer” Miller and “Deacon Jim”, was an outlaw in the era known as the American Old West. Miller was born in Van Buren, Arkansas on October 25th, 1861. He is infamously recognized for perhaps killing the most people during gunfights in his era. It is estimated Miller is responsible for at least a dozen deaths but the exact number is unclear. Notably, he is also the cousin of John Wesley, Hardin, another famous old west outlaw. Shortly after Miller moved with his parents to Texas, his father died. Subsequently, him and his mother moved to a different location in Texas to live with his grandparents. Unfortunately, when Miller was only eight years old,
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During this, he killed a man in his neighboring county. The Miller family moved to Fort Worth in 1900, and Miller began advertising himself as a professional assassin, charging $150 for each murder. Miller was arrested for killing two men near Midland that year. Miller’s partner, Lawrence Angel, took credit for the killing. In the summer of 1902, Miller claimed he caught three men stealing cattle, and subsequently killed two of them with a bottle, while one has escaped by cloning to his horse although he was shot. Miller had been hired by ranchers and payed $500 to kill a lawyer by the name of James Jarrott. Miller had to shoot Jarrot four times, stating “He was the hardest damn man to kill I ever tackled.” Along with Frazer and Jarrot, Miller killed a handful of other men in the following four years. In the early year of 1909, Miller was hired by local ranchers Jesse West and Joe Allen through middleman Berry Burell, to murder an Oklahoma cattle rancher and former Deputy U.S Marshal Allen “Gus” Bobbitt of Ada Oklahoma. Whether this was to acquire land or because of a personal grudge is disputed. He charged $1,700 to execute these crimes. On February 27th, 1909, Miller concealed himself behind Bobbitt’s ranch house, where he shot him in the side from his shotgun. Before dying, Bobbitt confirmed the identity of his killer to his
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