Jim Pattinson Group

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Throughout the world, companies are constantly striving to improve their marketing strategies in order to increase business and make a better name for themselves. There is an amount of work required to achieve some of the particular goals that correlate with running a successful business and remaining successful during the process. At times, some companies may have periods where they are struggling in various areas or obtain conflict within the local community that it is initially attempting to work with. Therefore, apart from maintaining a healthy and successful business, the business must be able to have a positive influence on the local community in order to continuously gain more business and create a name for themselves. In British Columbia,…show more content…
The Jim Pattison Group acquires business essentially through Canada and the United states, however, their corporate office is located in the British Columbia, Canada area. The Jim Pattison Group is fundamentally successful and plays a vital and positive role in the community through portraying that business does not have to remain only within a local community. This business has demonstrated that they can be successful in various places apart from Canada alone. It has also shown that with the appropriate amount of effort, businesses are able to expand outside the borders of their country. The marketing tools applied by The Jim Pattison Group has proven that when particular marketing tools are incorporated within a business, then there is the potential and availability to open other business throughout the world. The Jim Pattison Groups is responsible for several well-known businesses throughout which include automobile sales, food and restaurant businesses, and business that provide leisure or activities to do while on vacation. A few of these companies that are operated through Jim Pattison Group include Toyota dealerships, Save-On-Foods, Great Wolf Lodge, and Everything Wine (Jim Pattison Group, n.d.). Though good management is essential in order for a business, such as the Jim Pattison Group, to highly affect the local community, there are other aspects that must be incorporated to maintain the status of a particular business. This includes applying the available resources offered to a business. This may include seeking assistance through investors or those who are interested and knowledgeable of the business one is attempting to grow. It is also essential to form and maintain structure within the business so that everything remains in order and materials are not lost. This type of organization may be displayed through
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