Jim Randolf Case Study

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In Case number two about Jim Randolf forcing terry his niece to do sexual things with him. He was lying during his interview with the interrogator. He was lying by the way he was over answering the questions. When asked what he thought of terry as an “emotionally mature” 11 year old girl and stresses “she’s a kid”. When Jim was asked a question he would avoid eye contact with the interviewer or rub his face with his left hand. Also when answering questions he was very indecisive about his answer or using a scapegoat by saying, “could be about someone else and blaming me”. He was unable to answer questions because he could not recall what happened or he would play dumb and doesn’t understand it. When Jim was asked, “could you ever think of a reason why someone would teach a little girl and he replied “I don’t know, curiosity?” which is kind of suspicious and out of the ordinary.…show more content…
So when he says there shouldn’t be a punishment and they should have second chances and couldn’t answer most of the questions or came up with poor answers. When he was asked “have you ever accidentally touched her breasts?” He answered “maybe when I went to grab the remote” so he was clearly making an excuse so it sounds better on his part. When asked “have you ever touched her vaginal area?” he replied “uuuuuuh, no, I uh, think id remember it” which is a very indecisive answer and couldn’t provide a clear answer. Also Jim never told anyone about the interview, so when all things are added up he is clearly lying about the entire situation so he doesn’t get punished for his
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