Jim Schulze's Assassination

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Assassination In the year of 1963 under the presidency of John F. Kennedy, Mr. Jim Schulze was a freshman in college at Mizzou. When asked the question, “What was your opinion of JFK as a president?” Mr. Schulze responded with, “I was tickled to death when he was elected, I thought he was an excellent president. He was young and probably one of the youngest presidents we had in decades. So, I thought he would be more for the middle class which was more of the work force at that time. However, we were in a cold war and I thought he was the type of person and spokesman that could help the situation. But also looking back, he came from a very wealthy family so he couldn’t really be controlled by money and had the ability that he couldn 't be bought. Of course I was only in my late teens, therefore I didn’t look at the election from a political standpoint. I was more looking at it from the age he was and that he would be more concerned about our country for awhile and not concerned about that time period”(Schulze).
On Friday, November 22nd, 1963 Mr. Schulze was attending a class on Mizzou 's campus. Although it was not a lecture class, but a program call ROTC. During Mr.
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So the only conflict the United States had was tension between us and Russia. No one thought that there would be attacks on the U.S. or government officials. Although it didn 't affect me personally, I will never forget that day” (Schulze). Jim Schulze went on about how the attack made him feel. He compared it to the day the world trade center was hit and how he just couldn 't believe that our country had come to that point. “I could see this happening in a country where there might be a dictator, but this is the United States of America, we are a free country, we are all equal. I just couldn 't understand that someone would be that upset with our president to take his life”
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