Jim Steranko Research Paper

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Often times, a comic illustrator isn’t considered to be a “real” artist. I beg to differ. Jim Steranko is a comic book illustrator who worked for Marvel Comics during the 1960’s. Steranko blended elements of design with the modern art of the 60’s, including surrealism and op art. He was given the “Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. storyline and through his distinct style, popularized the previously unknown comic. Steranko drew heavily from his background in graphic design and advertising when he created his comic book covers. He wanted eye-catching covers that would make the consumer stop and stare. He used bright colors and movement throughout the cover the let the buyer 's’ eye move throughout the cover page.

Steranko was also the first comic book illustrator to ever used a four-page spread. He used it in a panorama shot to get the fullest effect of the action on the pages. Steranko often popularized silent panels. He’d have up to five or six pages that had only panels with images and no word bubbles. He used this to keep the audience guessing and give the readers a more cinematic experience. Steranko changed the course of comic book history with his integration of modern design and modern artwork.
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Surrealism and op art forces someone to second guess what they see. I find this useful when I am designing or creating my own artwork. I want people’s eyes to linger on the art I make. I have an aesthetic that is similar to Steranko’s in that I am influenced by some of the same artwork he was influenced by. To make someone question what they are seeing, I think, is the purpose of art itself. I incorporate this sense of confusion into my designs for certain posters and my own original
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