Jim Thorpe Research Paper

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James Francis Thorpe, better known as Jim Thorpe or Wa-Tho-Huk, was born in a one room cabin close by Prague, Oklahoma, May 28, 1887. He was born to Hiram Thorpe and Marry James. Both half caucasian, Marry was the direct descendent of the last great Potawatomi chief, Black Hawk. A notable athlete and warrior. Jim’s Pottawatomie name, Wa-Tho-Huk, translates to Bright Path. It is thought that he was named this because it was storming when family was going to the cabin and lightning suddenly lit the way. Jim was actually a twin, but his brother, Charlie, died at age nine. Jim’s athletic career began at Carlisle Industrial Indian School, Pennsylvania in 1904. There were over 20 trades offered at the establishment. Jim played football and ran track…show more content…
While Thorpe was an excellent athlete he was more for show and tell. He would play for three major league teams, the New York Giants, the Cincinnati Reds, and the Boston Braves. His best batting average posted was his last year, 1919, when he batted .327. Thorpe made his mark in football playing for the Canton Bulldogs. He signed in 1915 and in 1920, helped organize The American Professional Football Association, which would evolve into today 's National Football League, or NFL. He would eventually become the president of the group, making him the first president of the NFL. In 1950 two awards were bestowed on Thorpe. He was named “Greatest American Football Player” and “Greatest Male Overall Athlete”. Thorpe died March 28, 1953 of a heart attack, leaving 8 children and his wife. He also had been married twice before both ending in divorce. His wife struck a deal with a small town in Pennsylvania, seeking growth and tourism. It is known today as Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. Thorpe’s Olympic medals and records would not be restored until 1982. Thorpe left a lasting legacy of grace, determination, and care for those around him. He will always be remembered for his great character, and
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