Jim Valvano Never Give Up

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Don’t Give Up “Don’t give up, don 't ever give up” the words that were said in the 1993 espys that gave many people hope. Jim Valvano was a man who lived by that quote and never gave up even though he passed away, he did not ever give up and that is why he had a positive impact. Some of the reasons Jim Valvano had a positive impact is that he started a whole charity funded by espn that has had more than 150 million dollars donated to it, he also helped motivate others to do better things with their time on earth, and finally he just gave people so much hope and inspired people with his story. When Jim Valvano was sick with cancer, he started a charity that was funded by espn, and was named the Jimmy V cancer foundation. The foundation has grown to the point that it is sponsored all through February on all espn networks. The foundation has now raised over 150 million dollars due to the fact that it is one of the most well known…show more content…
Jim Valvano knew how to target you with motivation when going through tough times because, he was going through one of the hardest times someone could go through in their life life. He had tumors throughout his body, but he still managed to have a smile on his face to try and make someone else 's day better, because that was the type of man that he was. Jim Valvano gave everything he had at every moment he had in his life. He was a top 3 college basketball player, he was a top 10 coach of all time in college basketball, he was an unbelievable sports broadcaster at espn, and finally he was a mentor. Jim Valvano was a mentor in many different ways that can not even be explained he was just that type of person trying to help out other people in the world that no one will ever be like. Jim Valvano started a charity not for himself, but for everyone that anyone had ever cared about and anyone will ever care
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