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The Movie McFarland, USA is a story of a man who goes through a dramatic change in his environment but takes on the obstacles in order to turn a group of kids with a not so bright future, and a rough attitude into a winning cross country team. Jim White, the main character, is a man who struggles with controlling his temper. He is also a determined man which can cause him to lose his temper in the first place. He is a school teacher and also a football coach along with being a father of two children and a husband. He struggles to maintain a job because of his lack of control of temper. When he does find a job after being fired from one for verbally abusing his football team, he ends up in a run down farm town in Southern California that…show more content…
One of the main students he has his eye set on, doesn 't chose to decide the team easily. It is only once that one student faces the possibility of a suspension that he then decides to join the team because it is his only way out of the suspension. Once the coach has gathered enough students for a full team, the training begins. I noticed in the scenes where the team is training that they used some of colors that compared similar to the movie “Traffic” in the desert scenes. They made the lighting a tint of orange that added to the feeling of heat. After a couple weeks of training, the team reaches their first meet. With the team slowly starting to gain a love for the sport, they still lack in knowledge of competing. In their first meet, they wind up getting last place as a team. This causes most of them to be upset but Jim is determined to use their potential that he knows they have. After he realizes his technique to coaching may not be working, he changes it a little. After some heart to heart conversations and motivation speeches with his team, they begin to be a lot more focused on being the best they can be. When their second meet comes around, which is a dual meet, they win first place. The mood/pace of the movie turns from severely dramatic and stressful to exiting and hopeful. The team now has their eyes set on the State Championship. The coach is confident that they can make it but it is still up to the effort of the team. As the bond of the coach and runners grow, they become much better as a team. The State Championship qualifying race comes up and the team is excited but also nervous. After a close race, McFarland’s cross country team winds up placing 4th place which is the last qualifying spot for the State Championship

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