Jimi Hendrix: An Ideal Role Model

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The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye. This quote held truer for no one more than the man who said it. Jimi Hendrix waltzed into the music world and in just four short years, changed the face of rock-n-roll as we knew it. Hendrix became the 1960s zeitgeist for his ability to perfectly capture everything that made that era great- swagger and grit, primal sexuality and dreamy intoxication. Even though not everyone considers him an ideal role model, Jimi Hendrix is still considered as the greatest guitarist ever. His talent was a gift, his dedication to the religion of guitar a legend, an inspiration. On his 73rd birthday, we try to honour the man by bringing to you 25 of our favorite Jimi Hendrix songs in no particular order.

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