Jimi Hendrix Personality

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Jimi Hendrix
Saw Elvis Presley Perform
Jimi Hendrix was into music ever since he was a little kid, but after this important moment in his life, he was more into music than ever. One-night Jimi went out to see Elvis Presley at the at Sick 's Stadium on September 1, 1957, Jimi was moved by the music and he started to take notes on the songs that were being played and sung so he could take Elvis Presley’s work to help him make some songs of his own. After the concert, Jimi drew a picture of Elvis Presley wielding a guitar with all the songs that Jimi took notes on. After this moment, Jimi was into music completely and loved it. The reason why I picked it because this was when Jimi really got interested in music and this was the beginning
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He chose the army and volunteered as a paratrooper. He enlisted on May 31, 1961, and was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division, where he was stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Young Private Hendrix 's rebellious attitude didn 't please his commanding officers, among his many faults, he slept while on duty, he required supervision a lot, and wasn 't a particularly good marksman. Hendrix had signed up for three years of service, Captain Gilbert Batchman had had enough after one year and he got his opportunity to discharge him when he got an ankle injury during a parachute jump and then Jimi Hendrix was honorably discharged. Then Jimi Hendrix was sent back to his hometown. I think that this should be in the novel because when he was in the army he started playing his music and this also help him get more into music. This has an impact on society in multiple ways first he affected the people that he stole the cars from first off and second, he affected the people in the army and not because of his attitude but because he shows his fellow soldiers ' music which would help make the soldiers feel at ease.…show more content…
But this band broke up with it all started at a concert they were singing and playing their music until Midway through the set, Hendrix declared to the audience that this would be “the last gig we’ll ever play together” after this the audience freaked out and police arrived to try and stop the panic with gas. 5 months later Redding said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "I went up to Jimi that night, said goodbye, and caught the next plane back to London. I don 't think Jimi believed I 'd do it. Later, he phoned and asked me to come back, but I said stuff it” and this was the end of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. But then Jimi formed a new band and called it the Cry of Love band or the New Jimi Hendrix Experience. Now with Redding gone, he was replaced by Jimi’s his old Army buddy bassist Billy Cox. I think that this should be in the novel because it was when the Experience was at its most popular peak they broke up and this would be Jimi’s second bad break up in his life which is an important event. The impact on society of this event is that many people were hurt because of the gas that was poured into the concert to stop the chaos and that people would no longer be able to listen to the Jimi Hendrix Experience.
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