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“I’m one of the believers that there is such a thing as momentum, team morale and energy. If it’s all on a positive, good things happen. If you’re down and out, bad things just seem to keep happening.” – Jimmie Johnson. That is the moral which the six time Sprint Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson lives by. I personally believe this moral that he lives by is the key to all his success. Jimmie Johnson is one of the few NASCAR drivers that has an all class act. He would never let his frustration get in the way of his success.
Being the oldest of three Jimmie Johnson came from a regular blue collar family that struggled to make ends meet. His mother Kathy was a school bus driver, and his father was a machine operator for heavy machinery. Johnson became interested in racing at the age of four he was able to ride a 50cc motorcycle. When Johnson was a teenager he went with his dad to dirt races. He had such a passion for racing; he would always hang around race teams trying to work his way in. When race teams saw Johnson race when he was a teen
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He is a class act. He’s one of the few drivers that never gets down about himself, always keeps his head held high. In all of his interviews whether it’s something negative he always responds in a positive way stating “The car was not where we wanted it today. There’s always next week, and we will take this as a learning experience.” Always thanks his crew and sponsors. Another example how Jimmie Johnson is a class act is on September 20, 2015 he had an incident with other NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick. Johnson got a shove from behind on a restart and slammed into the side of Kevin cutting his tire down. Johnson with the class he has, wanted to talk to Kevin about the incident after the race. Kevin responded by shoving Johnson. Johnson realized that it was not worth talking about it and walked away. I hope I can become a man like Johnson by not letting my frustration get in the way of my

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