Jimmy Butler Background

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Did you Jimmy Butler was homeless at the age of 13? In this essay I will talk about Jimmy Butler background, accomplishments and how he became famous. I will also compare and contrast Lebron James to Jimmy Butler. In my opinion Jimmy Butler is a strong person and player. Jimmy Butler was born on September 14,1989. He was born in Houston Texas. Jimmy had a very bad childhood. He was homeless at the age of 13. His mom kicked him out and he had to moved from house to house to stay with different families. He tried Even though he had a bad childhood, he never gave up on school or basketball. Eventually, in his last year of high school, he was taken in by the Leslie family. Living with them, he went to Tomball High School. He tried out…show more content…
He not only made the team, but he was the NJCAA Honorable Mention All-American selection for Tyler(Texas) junior college. He averaged 18 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assist per game. Jimmy helped guide the Apaches to national ranking of 10th in the country and the program 's first league title in 21 season. Next, Jimmy went to Marquette college and averaged 15 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists per game as a senior and he was the team captain for 2 years. That’s how he got drafted by the Chicago Bull which is a team with the NBA. Jimmy was drafted by the Chicago Bulls on June 26, 2011. He was picked last in the first round. He got a two time NBA All Star trophy and he also broke a three time NBA Defensive Team Honor. He broke Michael Jordan 's record for scoring 40 points in one half of a game. Jimmy also went to the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Jimmy Butler and Lebron James have a lot in common. They both were homeless growing up. Neither player 's dad was in their life when they were growing up. Jimmy and Lebron both had childhood issues with their mothers. Both Jimmy and Lebron were taken in by different families. Neither Jimmy nor Lebron gave up on their dreams even with bad childhoods. Now they are both famous. In conclusion, Jimmy didn’t let anyone stop him from his dream and goals. He worked hard and he never gave up on himself when times were rough. He kept
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