Jimmy Carter Failures

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Jimmy Carter was the 39th president of the United States. Jimmy grew up on a small family farm and later became president in 1976. His presidency was a rocky road where people only remembered the mistakes that he made. Carter had a very traditional childhood, he did some major positive thing while he was president, but he also made some mistakes, and he will always be remembered as a president whose mistakes outweighed his triumphs. James Earl Carter Jr. was born on October 1, 1924 in Plains, Georgia. His father, James Earl Carter Sr. and mother, Bessie Lillian Gordy, were both hard working parents. His father owned a small plot of land and farmed peanuts on it and his mother was a registered nurse. When Jimmy turned four the family…show more content…
Jimmy and his wife had three boys and one girl. In 1953 Jimmy’s father died and the farm fell into disarray. Jimmy decided to move his family back to Georgia to take care of his mom and the farm. While back in Georgia Jimmy started to be active in community politics. He was awarded a seat on the Sumter County Board of Education and eventually became its chairman. Jimmy Carter announced his candidacy for president in 1974. For two years Carter traveled the country campaigning to be president. His main message was to return honesty to the White House. He wanted to eliminate secrecy in government, and often told people “I’ll never tell a lie”. Carter was able to build a reputation as an outsider to Washington politics which is what the people wanted because of all of the issues that were going on because of the Watergate scandal. When Carter became President the House and Senate had Democratic majorities, so many people thought it would be easy for Jimmy to get laws passed, but it was not that easy. Congress blocked Jimmy’s proposals for welfare reform and for a long-range energy program. Carter was not getting the changes made that he had told the people he would and this…show more content…
Carter and the government took a big hit for not rescuing the hostages in the embassy. Carter also took a lot of criticism for not improving the economy in the United States. The country was going through a period of high unemployment, rising inflation, and the impact of having not enough energy when Carter took office. Carter was able to give 8 million people jobs, but that was not enough for the people and they still blamed the president for their problems. Carter was not reelected after his four years of being president, but he continued to bring peace in foreign nations and help the United States with foreign relationships. Overall most people considered Jimmy Carter to be a president who did not do as much as he should have as president. Carter’s failures are what the people see instead of his improvements he made to foreign policy and the United States economy. Instead of people seeing how Carter ended the war between Israel and Egypt all they saw was how Carter failed to rescue the hostages from Tehran. Two things that people often forget is how Carter deregulated airlines and beer. This greatly increased the
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