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This passage explains love and emotional significance in the war . Although the small role of women in The things they carried ,it is an importance threw out the book. Females character’s Martha ,Mary Anne and Kathleen have all effects on the men.Different women in the book have different effects on the men and affect them in different ways .For an example “Jimmy cross carried letters from a girl who named , Martha who 's an English major at Mount Sebastian College. He reads the letters every night. He 's in love with Martha, but she 's not in love with him.” Women effecting the men that who they 're not even with which shows a lot . The men idealize an ,lust the women and use their presence.By imaginations ,in letters and photographs that they have as a kind of comfort or some type of reminder. That the world does exist outside the cruelty bloody Vietnam war.It shows that the men are so emotionally damage and physically that they lost their train of thought about the world or the realistic part of it,it’s kind of sad.…show more content…
Martha had a big effect on Jimmy cross 's during his adventure in Vietnam. “Jimmy Cross 's had loved Martha more than his man , and as a consequence lavender was dead now and this was something he had to carry like a stone in his stomach for the rest of the war and life.” Martha was a young lady that Lieutenant Jimmy Cross was obsessed with.It was very possible the distraction of Martha caused lavender to die. Although Martha never loved cross. When she came aware of the obsession Jimmy Cross had for her eventually it turned her off . In The things they Carried Martha and Jimmy Cross situation is a symbol of love that Jimmy cross have
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