Jimmy Darling AHS American Horror Story: Freak Show

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All People Are Equal

They don’t even know us. If they just got to know us they would see we are just like them. - Jimmy Darling AHS:Freak Show. What this quote is trying to say is that just because one person is different than the other, it does not mean they are not human. In the show American Horror Story: Freak Show, People are described as “freaks” because they look different then other people. When in reality the real “freak” is the serial killer because he is going around killing people, but the people of Jupiter, Florida do not suspect the serial killer, Dandy, to be a suspect, because he is rich and looks “normal”, so instead the police suspect the “freaks”and think it is them who is killing all of these people, because they look …show more content…

If they just got to know us they would see we are just like them. - Jimmy Darling AHS:Freak Show. Lizzie Velasquez was bullied because she looked different than the average person, due to a rare disease she was born with, but she overcame that by believing in herself and having self confidence, also inspiring teenage kids to love themselves for who they are. Jackie Robinson was another victim of being bullied, he was terrorized because the color of his skin was a different color than the other national baseball player’s, he overcame all the hate by showing the people that he does not let anyone stop him in doing what he loves. Lastly, Teresa Gonzolez was harassed because she was a bit bigger than the kids at school, but she showed them that she did not care what they thought because their opinion was unnecessary. This quote is important to me, because I think it is a big problem that people just judge people before they even know them, they just see someone that different than they are and bully them, me as an individual I am short and people do not really bully me about my height, but that was something I was born with and I can not change who I am to please someone else, so as I get older there will be always be people who will have an opinion about you. The moral of the story, do not judge someone because of how one looks because everyone is human and we all have

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