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My great-grandmother used to say, “Live your life in such a way that when you die, even the Postman will miss you.” I never thoroughly understood those words until Jimmy Fesmire, a prominent figure and deacon in my church, passed away in a car accident after attending a Sunday morning service on a clear, sunny day in May last year. His passing was untimely and truly unfair, but even after death, he continued to impact lives. The number of people he had helped with a servant’s heart and cheerful mind was innumerable. Jimmy Fesmire is the only individual I know whose life mirrored my great-grandmother’s quote. Just a simple, small-town man who loved God, he had a heart overflowing with compassion. His visitation, which was announced to conclude at four o’clock, finished shortly after midnight. About fifteen hundred people stood in line for hours waiting to pay their respects to the man who strived to demonstrate God’s love. Although his death brought many broken hearts, his…show more content…
For over forty years, he daily aspired to conduct himself as Jesus did. He, quite literally, would have given the shirt off his back for a friend or a stranger in need. His unwavering devotion to God was the driving force behind his nature of servitude. With a mind geared towards Christ, he exhibited God’s love through his daily actions and sincere heart. Jimmy Fesmire did all he could to aid his community with a humble spirit, never wanting any recognition or praise. In fact, countless people, including our pastor, were unaware of the extent of his servitude until after his death. Never wanting his works displayed on a pedestal, he was always acting behind the scenes. Only someone who meticulously followed his life would have been aware of all that he did. He closely followed Matthew 6:3-4 as he never boasted of his works or counted the people he had helped. God’s acknowledgment was all he strived for and

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