Jimmy Hoffa Disappearance

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Jimmy Hoffa: Where Did He Go?

America is filled with many mysteries that have gone unsolved. There is area 51, 9/11, the Tylenol murders, but one has been the most intriguing out of all of them. On July 30th, 1975, Hoffa disappeared without a trace. Authorities have been trying to uncover evidence to Hoffa’s location. The mystery behind Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance can be summed up into two theories: Hoffa was murdered by the Mafia so they could take control of the union, and that he left the mob business and lived out the rest of his life under an assumed name

Lots of people know the mystery behind Hoffa, but don’t know how his life was before the mob. Jimmy Hoffa spent his childhood in Clinton, Indiana, the same place were Hoffa first earned his respect by using his fists (Warnes 381). A little ways down the road, ¨The International Brotherhood of Teamsters offered Hoffa his next job as a full time union organizer and the Kroger union was absorbed into local 299 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters¨ (Warnes 381). The reason that the Teamsters offered this job to Hoffa is because not to much before this, he won a union contract that involved illegal movement of goods. The Union of Teamsters heard about this and offered him the job. After some time with the organization, Hoffa achieved the presidency of the Teamsters. Years later, Hoffa was convicted of many crimes including bribery, attempted bribery, jury tampering, and misusing the Teamsters earnings (Warnes 382).
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The murder theory is the most convincing, but the lack of evidence makes it hard to believe. Also due to the lack of evidence, the assumed name theory is also hard to consider. Though the authorities have failed to provide evidence to Hoffa's whereabouts, one thing is certain. The James Riddle ¨Jimmy¨ Hoffa disappearance case has baffled the American people for nearly 43
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