Jimmy John's Sandwich Industry

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Jimmy John’s. A well-known sandwich industry. 4,200,000 people eat there every week. What can be learned from the history and sandwiches and franchising? What can Big History teach us? Throughout our existence many things have shaped our society. We have a planet, created by dust, rocks, and fusion. We have come to be to the way we are now by cells. The cells created life and our ancestors, and since then we have been aggressively collectively learning through time. We learned to farm and provide for ourselves, leading to a new age of food.We have produced trade routes, stores, companies, and million dollar businesses. Our societies and civilizations made new discoveries, like combining foods to create sandwiches: a revolutionary food item…show more content…
As the populations grew, so did our species. Agriculture spread all over the Earth. Harvesting, tilling, and the domestication of animals was soon learned.(Image 4) Cities expanded into nations, and it dawned a new age. With this new age many new inventions came to be.But how does this do wtih Jimmy John’s? As humans began testing and experimenting, and through this bread, tomatoes, herbs, cheese, and sandwiches were brought into society. Sandwiches were really quite brilliant if you think about it. It introduced a whole new way of thinking. It introduced many ways to combine foods. The first ever actual recorded sandwich was made for the famous Rabbi, Hillel the Elder in 1st Century BC. (Image 8) He started the Passover custom of Matzos to eat with bitter herbs and chopped nuts with apples, spices and wine. During the 6th century to 16th thick blocks of stale bread were used as plates. Meats were piled on top to be eaten with finger and the juices soaked into the bread making it soft and…show more content…
In the food service, franchising and restaurants in general began in the brewery and tavern industry. Breweries granted taverns the rights to sell their product. This started out in Europe and was later introduced to the Americas by Europeans. There is a record of one of the first ever taverns built in the US, which was in 1673 and was called The White Horse Tavern in Newport, RI. This tavern later inspired Shakespeare's more elite tavern( and some may say restaurant) in 1762. (History of

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