Jimmy Santiago Baca And Christina Rossetti

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Poets utilize various literary and poetic devices that make their poems interesting, comprehensible, and inspirational. Jimmy Santiago Baca and Christina Rossetti are two famous poets who were influenced to write after experiencing tough conditions and obstacles in life. The poems of both poets reflect certain aspects of their lives. The poems “I Am Offering This Poem” and “Cloudy Day” are written by Jimmy Santiago Baca. A Better Resurrection” is a poem written by Christina Rossetti. The three poems contain similes, or comparisons of two unrelatable things using the words “like” or “as”. The poems also contain other figurative language and poetic devices that make the poems compelling. Jimmy Santiago Baca is a famous poet who wrote many poems…show more content…
One of the poems by Baca which contains many similes is titled “Cloudy Day”. This poem is about a man experiencing a cloudy day at prison. The speaker sheds some light on his experiences in prison. He uses similes to describe the weather and his feelings. He says that the “wind swings past broken glass and seethes, like a frightened cat”. The speaker is showing the reader that the wind is scary and strong. He states that the “the wind in my face gave me the feeling I could grasp the tower like a cornstalk”. Baca explains that he feels so powerful that he could grab the tower like one could easily grab a cornstalk. The theme of the poem is that after hard times, one comes out stronger than before and that there is always hope. Through the use of similes, Baca explains to the reader that despite the hardships and challenges in the earlier part of his life, he has come out more stronger and committed. The poem encourages the reader not to give up but look ahead and be sure that after every dark night there is daylight. The similes are used to illustrate the gloomy weather. The similes also describe the feelings of the speaker in the weather. Through the use of the similes the overall tone is…show more content…
The poem “A Better Resurrection” is written by Christina Rossetti. All three poems are written with many literary and poetic devices that allow the reader to better understand and comprehend the poem. Similes are one of the many literary techniques that were used in all three poems. Similes compare two things with “like” or “as”. This literary device allows the poet to elaborate and the reader to comprehend. The purpose of similes is to allow the reader to understand what the poet is trying to convey by comparing an unusual or complex idea with something that the reader fully understands. Similes help the writer develop the theme because they allow the readers to imagine and understand the writer's point in a clearer
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