Jimmy Valentine Character Analysis Essay

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The author uses several direct characterization statements to describe Jimmy’s transformation. First the author sets the scene in the jail. He directly shows us that Jimmy has been convicted of a crime. Jimmy is working in the shoe shop in a jail. He directly shows us where Jimmy comes from. This characterization of Jimmy is clear in his clothing and his boarding room which is small, simple and above a restaurant. At this point in the story, Jimmy loves his tools which he uses to commit crimes. “He opened [the bag] and looked lovingly at the tools for breaking open a safe” page 48. Jimmy eventually decides that he will no longer engage in safe breaking. The author tells us this directly on page 50 when Jimmy writes the letter to his friend…show more content…
In the opening scene when Jimmy is still in prison, the guard jokes with him about his claim of innocence. “I’ve never been in Springfield in my life” page 47. This statement makes you suspect that Jimmy may not be completely truthful. The author alludes to Jimmy’s continued criminal activity by describing three additional robberies. When Jimmy decides to check out Elmore, he presents himself with “fine” manners and lures the locals into telling him all about the town. Here Jimmy is indirectly characterized again as sly, untruthful and willing to take chances for his own betterment. On page 53 the author writes “he looked at her with a strange soft smile on his face and in his eyes.” This is the moment where the author indirectly reveals Jimmy’s change of heart. He was saying good bye to Annabel and accepting that he was the only one who could save Agatha. He knew this would cause him to be arrested. The author also indirectly characterizes Agent Ben Price’s dramatic change of heart. Jimmy walks right up to him and says hello, but Price just looks at him and says “I don’t believe I know you, do I?” Through direct and indirect characterization of both Agent Price and Jimmy Valentine the author clearly reveals that both of these men, from different walks of life, were able to have a great change of heart about something they were both extremely passionate about because of acts of
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