Jimmy's Mother When She Went Away Analysis

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The essay discusses the idea the Jimmy’s mother did the right thing to leave Jimmy because the mother was going to change to world to help her son, which apparently makes her a mother feminist. It goes on explain some ideas on why she left. One example is when the author explaining Jimmy’s mothers behavior, “Having been an “outlaw” from the “institution of motherhood” Sharon adumbrates (reports) a model of what theoreticians like O’Reilly calls “gynocentric or feminist mothering”—one that “regards itself as explicitly and profoundly political and social” and aims at making mothering, “freed from motherhood” a “site of empowerment and a location of social change” (Rich 195, O’Reilly 3)” (Banerjee, Suparna (2013)). Basically this women and others are arguing that it is ok to abandoned you child for political reasons you believe and that it probably will cause harmful effects to your child but if its good for the rest of society you should do it.…show more content…
I believe this explains how the author is saying how Jimmy’s mother made him the way he is, and she is refereeing to Jimmy being the let down because of his mothers actions. The last quote says, “Sharon’s maternal practice illustrates the paradigm of what has called ‘feminist mothering’” (Banerjee, Suparna (2013)). It is stating that Jimmy’s mother is not a typical kind of mother and that she is an activist and will change the world, but at the end of the day is still a good mother. Now understanding that the author’s point of view is stating that Jimmy’s mother was not a bad mother, but a mother who was changing the world for all kids is the point of this entire essay. That it made Jimmy who he
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