Jimmy's Timeless Speech Analysis

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Jimmy’s timeless speech; transpired in its time and even now. While I at the time were 3 years old It has been able to reach to me in an older age. Starting from his introduction. He analyzed his audience well, as he opened with a sports joke and the whole audience laughed. Personally I do not watch sports and did not understand the joke itself, but his audience responded well. He kept his humor throughout the speech. as he mentioned on his speech he had cancer, and he did not let that be a distraction. He kept his composure well having physiological distractions that could have affected his performance. Although he did stubble a bit on the bingeing switching from one thing he initiated to utter and then going to something else. But he did state “I also don’t have one of…show more content…
His thesis remained clear, he wanted people to leave with knowledge of cancer and AIDs, as well as to enjoy life. He made it clear to enjoy life with three points “laugh, think, and cry.” Who could argue with that. His three main point to remember your past, present and future had great transition sentences. Making the speech flowed in a conversational matter. Although he used humor in his speech to entertain, that not been his only purpose. He also intended to persuade and to inform. Entertain was to make light of the struggles he was going through so people would be able to pay attention without concentration in his disease itself. Persuade was to get them to bring Cancer from the background, and bring attention back to it. It was so inspirational when he stated that not just for him but for others in the future to not have to go through what he was going through. The informative part was where he demonstrated his past with his body language as he spoke of what he was doing before giving his first speech as a coach. When he used statistics to explain how damaging cancer

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