Jimson Short Stories

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1. The story begins with a close up shot of a Lily was holding a Jimson’s arm, begging him to trust her. He looked at her with a poker face and flung her hand away, turned his back to her afterwards. She gradually becomes emotional and cried to explain in stammer. She hugged him hard from the back. “How am I supposed to trust you again?” he yelled, struggled from her arm and ran out of the room into dark quickly then. (BGM: Scurry sound→blare of police sirens from distance, diminuendo) 2. Jimson was dating with Mandala. She always seem to be happy-go-lucky and he found to be relax being with her. The time with Mandala was a healing time for Jimson to get rid of all the filth and evil in his lives. At night she played trumpet for him as lullaby.…show more content…
Mandala was kidnap by a foe of Jimson’s. We discovered that Jimson is a mob boss and he reacts in irritated for leaving Mandala alone recently, providing a chance for the evildoer. He went to the house by himself as instructed and saw she was tie up on a chair in faint. A man with a mask was standing next to her, holding an injector. Jimson raise his gun up and pointed to the man. The man asked if Jimson was willing to surrender and to work under him, or else he would inject the drug into Mandala’s blood. Jimson putted down his gun slowly and kicked it away, slowly walks to the man then. He lowered his head and kneeled down in front of the man. As the man laughed loudly, Jimson robbed the injector on the man’s hand and injected to his arm. The man was shocked, wanting to punch Jimson but falls down on the ground in reacts to the drug. Jimson immediately untie Mandala and hugged her hardly into his arm. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry…” he repeats. He loosen his arm, aiming to see check if she is alright or not. “Are you...” with his word a gunshot appears. Jimson was unbelievable to what had happened. (shot from the muzzle to his full body and then close up to the blood from his wound to the ground) “I’m Lily’s sister” Mandala said with a sneer. She pushed Jimson down and stood up. She was in the room when Jimson and Lily were having a fight. As soon as Jimson left, the police came and arrested Lily for possession of drugs. Mandala is coming to retaliate Jimson who thought Lily has
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