Jin Yu Beat The Heartless Man Analysis

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I am choosing topic 5, The Management of Anger, for my final paper. Anger is one of the four vices in late Ming context and people often experience it when something bad happens. Feng Menglong’s stories show many great examples of anger. The first story is “Ren the Filial son with a Fiery Disposition Becomes a God”, the second is “Du Shiniang Sinks Her Jewel Box in Anger” and the third is “Jin Yunu Beat the Heartless Man”. Among these stories, the main character’s anger are often triggered by situations like cheating, betrayal and selfish actions. The anger manifest by killing the people he is angry with, committing suicide and letting selfish people have a taste of what they deserved. Each story has their own form of anger because it is subjected to the cause of anger. The first and second stories both act against emotional intelligence while only the third story act in favor to emotional intelligence. However, all three stories offer perspectives on anger by commentary. Yunu's story is the only viable pathways on how to manage anger for contemporary readers while the other two stories show the bad examples of…show more content…
Jin Yunu married a guy, Moji, who likes to study but is poor. Yunu buys Moji books and takes good care of him while he is preparing for his exam. After he gets a small position in the government, he start to think that Yunu’s beggar background is too low and he wants to get rid of her. Thus, on the way to the new government position, Mo Ji pushed Yunu into the water and left her there. Later on, Xu family found her in the water and rescued her. She was then adopted as a foster child. Soon, Mo Ji got married again and he is happy about that. However, he didn’t expect his wife to be Yunu. It is all Xu family’s plan to teach him a lesson and gets revenge on him. They also start to have a better living condition after
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