Jitney By August Wilson: Character Analysis

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Jitney by August Wilson, involves one of the leading character who goes by the name of Youngblood, sometimes referred to as Darnell. Youngblood has a family, his girlfriend Rena and their son; Youngblood tries to surprise his girlfriend with a new house, but this action backfires. Rena believes Youngblood is still unfaithful and sleeping around with another woman, this is uncertain by the reader but Rena comes to the conclusion since Youngblood vanishes for long periods of time. In addition, the money set aside for food has been spent but on something other than food. In example Turnbo says in Act 1 Scene 2 “You ain’t the kind of woman for Youngblood and he ain’t the kind of man for you. You need a more mature...responsible man.” (Jitney by
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