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Emotional intelligence is a well researched and underestimated determinant of success.
We wonder why some people every time outperform when the pressure is high? Ever surprise why some organizations and people excel while others with astonishing ideas do not get the results. Ever marvel how you could perform your best when you are under absolute pressure?
JK Training Services is a global research and Training company that specializes in serving organizations and leaders influence the science of performing under absolute pressure. We offer Our expertise Training is sought by many individuals and companies.
The areas of human potential in which we have developed powerful training imparted through our passionate training.
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Whether you’re a CEO, a VP, a manager, an employee, a parent, a spouse or an entrepreneur – understanding emotional intelligence will be of great value to you. Most managers get to be managers because of their technical expertise and not because they are already successful great leaders. If you already have a great leader as a manager, you’re one of the lucky ones. Emotional Intelligence is the only solution factor in developing leadership or great human being who is in us on this wonderful and beautiful mother Earth.

How Is JK Training Delivered?
JK Training offers work-shops brag inventive and intuitive aspects that bring what we promise above all to bring about real human behavioral change and end result through world-class performance.
Humans generally resist. Resistance is a common and destructive factor of any change equation. But despite resistance, some individuals and organizations enjoy incredible success. Each session infuses engaging participants to real-life examples. Work-shops best meet your requirements.
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With his brand name balance of energy and passion he personally connects with his audience whether with an intimate group of ten, or a room of a thousand. He inspires leaders and their people to take personal accountability for their performance by translating the complex issues of pressure into simple easy to apply strategies to be put into practice instantaneously. And based on these aspects of training he has challenged and supported many organizations.
Subramanya Prasad. Kotha for over 15 years has researched, developed and delivered leadership training programs to a wide range of audiences including educators, business organizations and young engineering graduates. His humor, warmth, intelligence and compassion make him an engaging and enlightening motivational speaker.His unique brand of facilitating combines common sense, academic knowledge, practical application, a passion for people and a drive to create
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