Joan Didion On Self Respect Analysis

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Randi Taylor Professor Setina ENG 451B 9 November 2015 Cultivating Self-Respect What value does self-respect hold? How can an individual live their life to the full extent if subjected by self-respect? Joan Didion’s essay “On Self-Respect” enlightens readers on the true meaning of self-respect. The opening of Didion’s essay portrays the idea through her personal experiences bonded together within the story. The comparison of having self-respect and the lack of self-respect that an individual can hold, is displayed within her compelling essay. Readers become aware that having self-respect does not secure success, instead it enables them to apprehend the mishaps that can easily occur. The delivery of messages used within her essay reveals a persuasive and convincing tone of voice. Didion acknowledges that displaying self-respect allows for an individual to fulfill their full potential and gain an understanding of self-value. Right away, recalling the moment in which Didion describes the rejection she received from Phi Beta Kappa made me realize that the positive spirit she installed within herself, acts as a tool for self-realization for Didion. The notion to not permit ones failure because it may disappoint any future accomplishments, is the message I feel that Didion…show more content…
Didion stresses that seeking the acceptance of others does not amount to being assertive towards your own morals in life. Didion’s essay ‘On Self-Respect” is told from self-reflection and personal input making it equipped for readers seeking to learn a life lesson. Being unique is s trait that is different for every individual, therefore making the importance of having self-respect unique as well. Self-respect has to be controlled by the individual wishing to obtain it. When this has been done, mistakes can be accepted, confidence can be shown, and self-respect overall springs into having a
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