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There are many are a countless number painters, sculptors, and artists. Some are famous and stick out like Michelangelo or Picasso. Then there are others that are not heard of very often. Joan Mitchell happens to be one of those that are kind of quiet.
Joan Mitchell was born on February 12, 1925 in Chicago, which is in the state Illinois. She was the youngest child in her family that consisted of her father, mother, and older sister. Her older sister was named Sally, Her mother, Marion Mitchell, and her father, James Herbert. Joan was always close with her sister, even though she had a total different taste than her. Sally went to fashion school and later left Chicago. The family lived in an apartment that overlooked Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan forever held a place in Joan’s dreams. “I carry it with me” (Klaus Kertes).
While growing up she has always had an appeal or attraction to poetry, art, and painting. Her interest in poetry came from her mother who was a poet and an editor of a poetry magazine. Her father was a doctor who also influenced Mitchell as a person and artist. James is a very inspirational guy. He was orphaned and later raised by an older sister. James worked in a pharmacy to put himself through
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According to the Joan Mitchell Foundation, There are artist programs, for adults and children that demonstrates Joan Mitchell’s commitment. There are twenty five, 25,000 dollar grants that are given out every year for artists to show that they are being acknowledged for their exceptional talent and quality (Joan Mitchell Foundation). The Joan Mitchell program also offers a Living Legacy Program that offers support for visual artists. The foundation also purchased a building for an art center program that provides educational programs for the public that is free of charge. In these programs the public can create unique and creative works of art just like Mitchell had once
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