Joan Of Arc: A Heroine Of France

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Joan of Arc was a well-known heroine of France for her leadership during the Lancastrian Phase during the Hundreds Years’ War. Joan’s full name was Jeanne d’Arc She was born January 6, 1412, to a tenant farmer named Jacques d’Arc and his wife Isabelle. Joan’s full name was Jeanne d’Arc. Although she was never taught to read or write, her Pious mother taught her to have a deep love for the Catholic Church and its teachings. Joan was from Northeast, France in a town called Domrémy.She was uneducated but she was still able to become a great leader. Joan had learned several domestic skills from her mother and became very skilled at seamstressing. In 1422, King Henry V of England invaded the village of Domremy, causing almost everyone in the town…show more content…
She then decided to take a journey to Vaucouleurs in May 1428 and was rejected by Robert de Baudricourt. Joan got a small group of followers who believed her claims to be virgin and she was determined to save France. After the rejection by Baudricourt, she cut her hair, in the style that today is known as the “bob”, and dressed in men 's clothes to make an eleven day journey to Chinon. Chinon was the site of the Prince’s palace and also an enemy territory. At Chinon Joan had promised Charles of Valois that she would be there to watch him be crowned at Reims. “Reims was the traditional site of French royal investiture.” ( She asked Charles to give her an army to take to Orleans so she could conquer and save…show more content…
At this time Joan was only 18 years old. There were several battles that took place between May 4 and May 7 until the French took control. She led several assaults toward the Anglo-Burgundians until they finally retreated across the Loire River. In the heat of one battle Joan was wounded, but later returned and encouraged her army to finish what was left in the battle. After the victory at Orleans, Joan was nicknamed “The Maid of Orleans”. She became a very well known leader, even though Charles still did not have full trust in her after her victory in overtaking the English army. After her success she continued to push Charles to hurry to Reims to be crowned. He and his advisors did not want to rush anything so they took their time on getting there and getting crowned. They finally entered Reims on July 18, 1429 and Charles was crowned Charles VII with Joan at his side. Shortly after the victory and crowning of Charles things made a turn for the worst. Although most recent things had been in favor of the French and Joan, things began to change in the spring of
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