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Joan Of Arc (also known as The Maid of Orléans) Joan Of Arc was born on the 6th of January 1412, in Domremy, France. She had three brothers along with her one sister, her father (Jacques d’ Arc) and his wife, (Isabelle, also known as Romée) they all lived together on a farm. Her parents were farmers of rented land. Joan was taught important skills from her mother. Rarely leaving the family farm due to her responsibilities Joan took care of the farm animals and became a skilled seamstress. In 1415 King Henry the 5th of England invaded the north of France. The English won this battle resulting in a devastating defeat for France with over 2000 soldiers’ lives lost. Shortly after this battle, England formed an alliance with the Burgundians in France. In 1420 the Treaty of Troyes granted the French throne to Henry the 5th as…show more content…
However, Joan soon won him over when she identified him correctly, dressed in disguise, in a crowd of members from his court. Joan and Charles had a private conversation. It is said that in this conversation Joan talked about great details of a prayer Charles had said to God in an attempt to save France. Still unsure of Joan, Charles made well-known theologians examine her, yet they reported to have found nothing unusual with Joan, only piety, chastity, and humility. In May 1428, Joan’s visions led her to believe she had to go to Vaucouleurs and approach Robert de Baudricourt, the troop's commander and a supporter of Charles. In the beginning, Baudricourt said no to Joan’s request, but after seeing she had she gained the approval of multiple villagers, so in 1429 he gave in. She received a horse along with an escort consisting of multiple skilled soldiers. For her 11-day journey into enemy territory to Chinon, the site of Charle’s court she cropped her hair and wore men’s
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