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Joan of Arc was known for being a Messenger of God. There are many attributes which contribute towards Joan of Arc’s persona. Joan demonstrated qualities of patriotism and religiousness as well as charisma and bravery. Joan is a highly positive influence, she’s exceptionally honourable and a divinely motivated national heroine.

Paragraph 1:
To begin with the first attribute in which contributed towards Joan’s personality is Patriotism. Patriotism was one of Joan’s many attributes, which is clearly demonstrated in many cases. Joan was dedicated to her country, she fought and lead the French against the English for 2 years and died for the sake of it. Joan went to great lengths just to be able to fight and defend her own country.
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Joan was known for the angelic voices in her mind, those voices told her what her mission and purpose was. She was known for her and sweet-natured character, she often attended mass and shrines. When Joan was working and heard the church bells she would stop what she was doing and drop to her knees to pray. All the residents of Domremy adored Joan because of her devout persona and passion for God and his mission. Many people from Domery said that whenever she had the chance she would give alms to the poor. Till her death Joan was still carrying a cross. Many question whether Joan was really just a crazed witch but in my opinion I believe she was driven by her love of God and so a highly positive influence for many individuals. Many people believe that she was a crazed witch because of her trial, but in reality she was put on trial for witchcraft and heresy without legal counsel, 25 years later after her death. She was cleared of all charges and declared a Saint 400 years later by Pope Benedict. This only shows that the accusations of her being a crazed witch were wrong and that she was really a messenger sent by God. These are only some of the examples that display her…show more content…
To state the obvious it would have been nerve racking to lead a male-only French army into war as the opposite gender (which back in medieval times did not receive the proper respect). During Joan’s trial she faced a court of male judges who happened to be much more educated than her, this made the case unfair for Joan as the opposition had a advantage. In her trial Joan was the only person defending herself as no one dared to help her. This is impressive considering she was only seventeen at the time and had composed herself well enough to bring her case to court. In 1431 aged just 19 years Joan was found guilty and burned at the stake. Joan understood that her mission was complete and that she would rise up to heaven. She accepted her fate and understood that she was going to die. This only goes to show how brave Joan really was and shows her acceptance and the way she handled the false
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