Joan Of Arc Causes

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Social instability was a great struggle within Europe. The lack of social strength within the public led the Hundred Years War, by bringing forth the tragic past of the great famine, revolts, violence, and unrest between various individuals that caused a sense of disunity and lack of control. In time, this social turmoil migrated to the monarchs, Philip VI of Gascony and King Edward III and caused disagreements on ideas and personality confrontation, which triggered distress. This social upheaval from past tragedies instigated the need for plunder and territorial gain and the need to follow the rulers. However, the main causes of the outbreak evolved from territorial, successional, and social disputes. Initially, the King of England terminated…show more content…
Finally, Gascony contretemps continued to donate to the cause when King Edward III refused to pay homage for Philip VI for Gascony. Consequently, Philip VI seized the duchy and Edward III gave birth to war. As the war began, many aspects gave the war a seemingly everlasting continuance. These incorporate the initial effects of the longbows and campaigns that persistently devastated France and the lifting efforts of Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc came into the war near the age of eighteen and, as a response to God’s callings, she inspired and lifted to spirits and confidence of the French army, allowing them to acquire the strength needed to fight until 1453. As the war continued, both sides began to exhibit their own advantages. For instance, the English had efficient longbows, the ability to create chaos, and paid peasant foot soldiers. On the other hand, the French had an elite noble army and the strength from Joan of Arc. Although both sides held sufficient advantages upon each other, the end of the war brought clear ramifications. The termination of the war brought a French victory, lost French land, a decrease in population for the English and French, financial decline, raised taxes, introduction to weaponry, and an in stable European
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