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The Life and Legacy of Joan of Arc Joan of Arc was one of the most powerful and influential people of all time. Despite her gender (and the fact that she was a teenager at the time) she led the French army during the One Hundred Years’ war against the British and won. She is considered by the Roman Catholic Church to be a martyr and saint, being as though she was burned at the stake in the name of her God and faith. In 1920 she was declared by the Pope to be not only a saint, but one of the patron saints of France. With these facts in consideration, there is no doubt that Joan of Arcs legacy is an incredible one. Jeanne d’ Arc was destined for greatness. She was born in 1412 to parents Jacques d'Arc and Isabelle in Domrémy, France. Her parents,…show more content…
She felt it was her duty to stop this and that, in doing so, she would be carrying out the will of God. So she set out for Vaucouleurs in May 1428 and asked to join the Dauphin and his cause. She already had a small following of people who believed her to be the prophetic virgin who was destined to save France. Despite this, her request was declined and her claims of visions were dismissed. After this, Joan cut her hair and began to occasionally (when it was necessary to ensure her safety) pose as a man. In disguise, Joan went to Charles VII and asked to help fight for his throne. Several accounts claim that she told Charles that she knew of a “prayer he had made the previous November 1st during which he had asked God to aid him in his cause if he was the rightful heir to the throne, and to punish himself alone rather than his people if his sins were responsible for their suffering (Williamson, Allen. Joan of Arc Archive. 2002-2014)”. She then continued to go into depth about this prayer, which she could not have possibly know without some sort of divine intervention. The prince was impressed by her remarkable presage and bold convictions. Despite his advisors protests, the prince finally agreed and allowed Joan a small platoon that included both of her

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