Joan Of Arc Religious Experiences

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Religious and Spiritual Experience Assignment Biography Joan of Arc was born in 1412 in Domremy France. Her father Jacques d’ Arc and mother Isabelle were poor farmers, so Joan would have grown up with daily responsibilities. Her mother also taught her to become a talented seamstress. When Joan was around 12 years old, she began to experience visions from saints and angles. In these visions she was able to see and touch them. Over time they became more vivid, and the saints called her the ‘Saviour of France’, urging her to seek assistance from Charles and to help him to regain his throne. Around the age of 16, she decided to act upon these insights. In May of 1428, she went to Vaucouleurs to consult with a supporter of King Charles, Robert de Baudricourt. At first he refused to hear her, as she was just a peasant girl. However she was gaining support from villagers, so he agreed to send her to the Royal Court to meet with Charles. Joan dressed as a man and cropped her hair ready for the long journey to the site of Charles court. When she arrived, she spoke with him, and won him over. Charles agreed to let Joan, at the age of 17, accompany him and other soldiers to Orleans, which was one of the sites of an English siege. In waiting for this, Joan practiced and became skilled in fighting and horse riding. The…show more content…
It is said that she showed a strong sensitivity and respect for the ways of God and her friends described that ‘she was greatly committed to the service of God and the Blessed Mary’. At around the age of 12-13, Joan started to experience ‘religious visions’. These started off with voices that were just general, telling her to live a ‘virtuous life’. However they started to get more intense, with Joan identifying the voices as Saint Michael, Saint Catherine and Saint Margret. She was instructed to Save France and helped the dauphin regain his
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