Joan Of Arc Research Paper

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Joan of Arc. A French heroine and a Catholic Saint. She fought alongside the French Army for nine days, and then was burned alive. Although Joan of Arc is seen as a savior for the French, the English hated her, and had her burned alive for assisting the French Army. In many ways, this is very similar to the Holocaust. By examining that Joan of Arc was very popular among the French, helped the French win many battles, and became a saint, it is clear that Sait Joan is a very noble and courageous woman. Joan of Arc was a hero in many eyes because she helped save the French from English domination. Joan of Arc led the French army at age 17, which is almost an impossible task. “To me it seems that too many young women of this time share the same creed. 'Live, laugh, love, be nothing but happy, experience everything, et cetera et cetera. ' How monotonous, how useless this becomes. What about the honors of Joan of Arc, a woman that would truly fight for something other than just their own emotions” (Jami 1)? After getting a call from God when she was only 13, she decided that she could not ignore His call. St. Joan decided to step up to the plate of holiness and swing with all her might. She would frequently visit the church, and whenever she heard the mass bells, she would stop whatever she was doing and go directly to mass. “Act, and God will act” (Joan of Arc 1). St. Joan led the French to nine victories, and her family was given ‘noble’ status for her efforts. Now that we
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