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When Joan of Arc was thirteen she started hearing voices. These voices, which she believed were angels, told her to save France, and helped her to influenced many things including the church, the way women were viewed, and the war strategies she used. First, Joan of Arc influenced the church. Joan heard the voice of St. Michael, which told her to help save France, and was drawn to strengthen her Christian life by attending mass daily, going to confession, and praying for long periods of time in front of a crucifix (Ratzinger). Joan wanted to fight in the Hundred Years War to save France because she believed the voice was sent from God. Joan wrote a letter to the English saying, “I am sent here in God’s name, the King of Heaven, to drive you body for body out of all France” (Jarus). When in battle Joan flew a banner with a picture of Jesus holding the world with two angels beside him (Williamson). Joan was eventually captured by the English and burned at the stake for a multitude of reasons. It is said they burned Joan three times to make sure she was dead (Leadbeater). Although Joan was fighting in God’s name, she was not considered a saint until years later. She is now the patron Saint of France and soldiers. Second, Joan of Arc influence the way women were viewed. Today she is called Joan of Arc, but she preferred to…show more content…
Joan fought in many battles including the battles of Orleans and Jargeau. Her army had to fight its way to Reims to see Charles crowned as king (Williamson). When Joan first started out with her army, she was not actually in charge, but was able to lead it because the army eventually became stranded and could not bring supplies to their destination of Orleans (Jarus). In Orleans Joan was able to rally the troops to fight, eventhough they did not want to. “When she arrived at the scene, it is claimed, a roar went up among the French troops, who redoubled their efforts and won the day with ease”

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